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Norway trip, Bardufoss, Setermoen, Tromso, for 2 weeks

De retour du trip de la mort au nord de la Norvège 🙂 Quelques vidéos, photos du temps qui passe quand on est au milieu de nul part…

Premier soir déprime 🙂 depressed

Road trip


Alone in the dark

Wake up soldier !!

Who say depressed ? 🙂


Party (Friday night)

Thai in Tromo Thai culture festival…:)

Brooklin…Tromso bridge

Summer island road trip

Children paintings ??


Caribu time

Bridge 1/2

Bridge 2/2

Summer island view, awesome

Hiking girls 1/2

Norway tunnel

Speed limitation

Road trip

Hiking girls 2/2

Back from Tromso..but who say depressed ?????:)

Second hand market ??? not at all.

Pause y(ah)ourt

Fishing training…:)

Competition, Norway style

Nicolas Strike

Nice time

Jeep session

Last day night resume

Yes we did it, oh my god, the best day in 2 weeks 😉 I am kidding, maybe not..

Thanks to Marrius, Stian, Hokon and others for their patience, kindness etc… great guys, it was a pleasure to meet you. But next time we do it at home, here, alright ? Or Oslo pleassssssse.