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Bloody Sunday Burma VJ Documentary, we need to know about it

Today is sunday, big storm all over the country but nothing very important compared to other situations.

Last week, I have missed a documentary passed on tv named Burma VJ.

Joshua is 27, and with his friends, as a journalist, he risks his life to show the world the real face of what is going on in his country. A country closed to Thailand, named Birmany, also known as a country leads by a very oppressive military gouvernement which do nothing else than scarry people with violent methods.

Most of burma citizen have to move from country to survive, often leave their family to go out their country.

We all have heard about it once, but we do not really know the truth.

I have been very shocked by watching this movie, and for sure, as me you will see you crying.

I hope many people will see it, because we need to know, people are taken high risks every day to make this movie going out from this country.

World need to listen to them.

To finish, I want to say, I hate politics, I hate violence, but I believe in people.

Many die to fight for their rights there, it is a shame.

I will never forget it.

Aung San Suu Kyi is still prisoner there, her story is quite the same to what happened in South Africa for Nelson Mandela. Please give her back her freedom quick too.

Download it and watched it:


Grand defouloir virtuel

Le buzz commence juste mais ca promet ou le grand n’importe quoi planétaire. On se marre bien, a faire entre amis. Webcam, les règles sont simples, on kiff ou on zappe.

Facebook again…200 millions Record and Jerome Commandeur

A l’heure ou facebook vient d’atteindre les 200 millions d’inscrits et probablement toujours peu d’informations (j’espère) me concernant dessus :), voici un sketch qui m’avait fait vraiment plié.

Base Jump Record I guess, until now

Faut en avoir, c’est clair.

Afrique Reportage Arte Armes Trafic Raison d’Etat

Le Wolrd Trade center comme dit le journaliste, tout le monde en parlait. Mais les guerres en Afrique c’est si rare qu’on en parle, voici un reportages plutôt atterrant concernant la situation la bas. Merci qui ? Arte bien sur 🙂

Comme le dit Oxmo Puccino « Aux Hutus et Tutsis qui se coupent à coup de ciseaux »

tous les liens : par là

Top Gun in Canyon

Maverick, ici Cougar, tu m’entends, merde putain un mic28 en visu…

J’aurais bien aimé que la vidéo apparaisse ici mais mon ami wordpress bloque et n’accepte pas que je lui mette un peu de code embedded qui va bien pour inscruster la vidéo, hmm méchant wordpress parfois 🙂

Paris Hilton soon president of the usa

Apparemment elle n’aurait pas appréciée que McCain utilise son image lors de sa campagne, donc la blondasse se rebèle et réponds par une petite vidéo rigolote.

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad